Treatment starting from 5 natural principles

1. Energy

Ayurvedic medicine treats human beings Illness, assuming that everything is revolves around the energy. Energy is a raw material (foundation) for everything: it’s incorporated in every living being. Energy in Ayurveda is expressed in 5 elements (components), which merge giving rise to 3 powerful energetic principles; Vata, Pitta en Kapha.

2. Transmission of stimulants (incentives)

If the energy distribution in the body is in balance, the energy flows in the body with out any effort or resistance. Stimulants are better experienced in a healthy body. During my first consultation, I examine where the energy could be blocked in your body and if so, what could be the cause of this. A blockade could have several causes e.g. your life style, your nutrition, your work or working environment, your home situation, etc.

3. Drainage

Ayurveda operates on principle that all redundants (wastage) in the body needs to be eliminated. It often occurs that mentally and physically overloaded body with waste products has a negative influence on the functioning of the body. Waste product are undigested soured food scraps, which stay behind in the human body. These waste products, also called ama are according to Ayurveda, the cause of many illnesses, mental as well as physical illness. Ayurveda knows several treatment methods to release the body from these waste products.

4. Nutrition

Ayurveda considers healthy and a balanced nutrition together with a healthy life style, which has been geared to the constitution, as the best medicine for a long, healthy and happy life. During my consults I take my time to examine together with you on what could be the right nutrition as far as your health is concerned.

5. Psyche

According to Ayurveda our thoughts affect our health. In Ayurveda much attention is given to the psychological aspects of the human being. The human being is considered to be a part of the universe. There is a continuous interaction between a human being and his/her surroundings. If you are angry, your surroundings experience disharmony as well. But on the other hand, if you take up a friendly position, you are bound to experience more harmony with your surroundings.

When body and mind are in harmony, a person finds himself or herself in the state of happiness and thereby less changes of mood disorders like depression. Negative thoughts could cause due the presence of more poisonous substances in the human body, which in the long run could lead to the deterioration of your health. In this case you should think of tensions and stress, which sometimes lead to suffering from an ulcer. That’s why Ayurveda concludes that every illness originates in our mind. A thought is expressing itself inside the body. That’s the reason why the Ayurvedic treatment focuses not only on the symptoms of a problem, but also focuses on the cause of the problem.

Yogapraktijk Shruti