My operating procedure

To get a consultation you’ll have to make an appointment by telephone. The first consultation will last 60 minutes. At this consultation I’m going to check your constitution in order to be able to determine which combination of the energies vata, pitta and kapha is dominating. During this consultation you’ll also get lifestyle- and nutrition advises to take along with you.  In close consultation with you I’m going to compose a realistic guidance routing to improve your general well-being.

I’m offering advice and accompaniment to you,  being a  pregnant woman. I emphasize that my accompaniment is an addition to the care of the obstetrician and the physician. My accompaniment is an Eastern addition to the Western way of accompanying pregnant women. My experience in the Western world is that the woman after the delivery doesn’t get attention / care anymore after merely  a few days of maternity care.  There are so many things approaching her. This causes a lot of stress, as a result of which she doesn’t even get  the chance to recover mentally as well as physically. Because of the stress the milk production is also decreasing, as a reason of which her child cannot get the best nutrition.  It’s my purpose to make the woman mentally and physically defendable  before the delivery as well as after the delivery.

First a consultation takes place, after which I’m going to develop a guidance route. A route can consist of providing life style and nutrition advices, geared (tuned) to the constitution of the client, pregnancy massage,  yoga for pregnancy, massages and treatments for the benefit of the mother after the delivery, baby massage,  support with regard to  breast feeding and yoga after childbirth.

Yogapraktijk Shruti