Pregnancy Yoga in Amstelveen

Pregnancy is a spiritual process. You adopt a subordinate position towards something of a higher level. Not you, but your child is the key figure.  To be able to experience this whole process in  a positive way, your surroundings have to be peaceful. This way you’ll be able to experience  quietness and happiness. More simply stated: Mother has to be happy. In  case of pregnancy yoga the experience of the pregnancy is the key issue. As a pregnant woman you don’t have to learn how to give birth. You already know this intuitively. Often fear is standing  in your intuitions  way. If you consciously learn to experience what your body longs for, you can also use this in case of the delivery. By means of pregnancy yoga you’ll learn to get in touch with that inner wisdom and to rely on it. The exercises consist of body positions  and breath techniques .  You learn to develop dedication and trust and to use your strength when it’s necessary. During the exercises your attention is focused on the present. This provides you with composure while thinking. You’ll take along with you the experience of rest and confidence. Even during the delivery, regardless of the way it’s going to go by. The exercises will make your muscles supple and strong in order to let your delivery pass as smoothly as possible.

The costs for pregnancy yoga are 165 euro voor a package of 12 classes (75 minutes) and 60 euro for a month (4 classes). For a try out class I ask you to donate a reasonable amount, which will go to Eco Trust (eco

Advantages of yoga for pregnancy/ pregnancy yoga

  •          Yoga for Pregnancy is a complete preparation during your pregnancy for delivery.
  •          By means of repetitive  theme’s (subjects), you will learn to experience your breath  in combination with  the exercises  in an increasingly intensive way.
  •          During the lessons the attention is focused on the actual situation. This provides you with a quiet way of thinking. You’ll  take this experience of quietness  along with you, so that you can use this experience during the delivery, regardless of the way it’s going to elapse.
  •          The exercises will make your muscles flexible and strong in order to cause the delivery to pass as well as possible.
  •                   Once a month a partner lesson will be held, so that your partner learns to assist you during childbirth in the proper way.

Yogapraktijk Shruti