About me

My name is Kalawatie, I’m married and a mother of three children. After having graduated in economics at the university of Amsterdam, I have been working as a business economist in the Netherlands and in the Netherlands Antilles. During my study I started following yoga lessons and I came in touch with Ayurveda. As years went by my interest in  Ayurveda increased and that’s the reason why I eventually decided to start with the four year Ayurveda  education at the “EISRA” and a five year Yoga Education at the “Saswitha Opleiding voor Yoga en Wijsbegeerte” as a result of which I’m now entitled to call myself an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Teacher.

During the education I specialized myself in supporting pregnant women during the pregnancy and after the delivery,  as well as  in  treating minor baby complaints  according to the Ayurvedic vision.  I’m working together with a western physician, as a result of which every complaint can be examined from both an  eastern and a western point of view. This way we can consider the ancestry of the client, which western medication is being used or has been used and whether and how this can be combined with Ayurvedic treatments, so that they strengthen each other instead of opposing each other. All treatments are purely Ayurvedic.

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