Treatment (incl. VAT) Price
First Ayurvedic consultation lasts 60 minutes 75 euro
Serial  consultations last 30 minutes 45 euro
Yoga for Pregnancy a month 60 euro
Ayurvedic pregnancy massage 80 euro
Ayurvedic Post Natal Care  package at home during 5 days* 650 euro
Ayurvedic baby massage class 65 euro
Support with breast feeding 55 euro
Yoga after childbirth (6 weeks after childbirth) 6 lessons 85 euro
Gift voucher for a 5 days Post Natal Care package 650 euro
Gift voucher for a 5* pregnancy massage 350 euro
Gift voucher  for 6 post pregnancy yoga lessons 85 euro
* In this case you’ll have to make an appointment for an intake before childbirth.  The costs of the intake are included in the package. Your treatment starts after your maternity care period.  In case of a cesarean section the treatment begins 3 weeks after delivery. You’ll have to pay 200 euro Euro at the intake . You’ll have to pay the remaining amount on the first day of the treatment. If you should renounce a treatment while a reservation has already been made,  the money you paid at the intake will not be paid back to you . The total 5 days  treatment package lasts 10 hours. In case of a more than a 5 days treatment, the number of hours increases proportional. If a treatment should go on longer than expected, I will charge  an amount of 60 Euro’s an hour afterwards.

Expenses (fees)

batcI’m registered  at the Interest Association Therapist and Consumer or BATC. It’s possible to declare the costs of alternative treatments  for the benefit of both yourself and your baby at some health insurance companies. Look here whether your insurance company is connected to the BATC. Is your insurance company not mentioned on the list or do you have doubts about it ? We advise you to contact your insurance company or to examine the policy conditions.  


For the time being there’s no possibility to pay by switch card in my practice. You can pay me by  cash (with ready money). After this you’ll get a declaration invoice, which you can send to your insurance company if you qualify for reimbursement.

Yogapraktijk Shruti