Treatment at home after delivery in Amstelveen

Pregnancy and childbirth demand a lot of the mother and of the rest of the family (both mentally and physically). It causes a lot of stress,  while as a mother you’re in  need of care on behalf of yourself and on behalf of your baby. A few days after the delivery,  a lot of mothers are already busily occupied with the daily housekeeping and they go shopping with the baby. This can cause long periods of fatigue and sometimes even depressions or burn-out complaints. ayurveda behandeling bevalling thuisIn the Netherlands the current care after childbirth is hardly aimed at the recovery of the mother. It’s limited to giving information about breastfeeding and checking up on the baby. However taking good care of the mother after childbirth is essential to recover her strength and immunity.  The mother is the core of the family!. If she’s feeling good, the other members of the family will obviously be feeling good to. In Ayurveda a lot of attention is being paid to the recovery of the mother. Ayurveda prescribes to take an intensive  break  for a period of 6 weeks. Enough rest, Ayurvedic treatments with special herbs and good healthy nutrition will not only bring the mother back to her former strength, but will also give her a remarkable dose of positive energy.  That way she can give her family members  the necessary care which they need and she’s going to  retrieve her own balance. In the Netherlands long-lasting intensive care is financially not attainable for a lot of mothers.  But even a period of one or two weeks can matter a whole lot in favor of  your recovery.

Treatment packages (Postnatal care packages)

I offer briefly-worded intensive treatment packages which last for 5 days, 7 days or 10 days  in a row. Depending on the kind of package you choose, every day you’ll get:

  •          Ayurvedic massage for the benefit of the mother to become recuperated and relaxed.
  •          Ayurvedic massage of your baby for the benefit of its physical and mental growth, the advancement of the bond between mother and child and the reduction / prevention of constipation and bowel cramps.
  •          Ayurvedic treatment for the benefit of the mother to reinforce her belly skin  and to return the belly to the former shape.
  •          Ayurvedic treatment for the benefit of the mother to  dispel redundant gasses and or harmful waste products.
  •          advisory treatment to prevent / remedy  bowel complaints with babies.

Supporting breast feeding

Do you suffer from breast engorgement, as a result of which the milk production is being stagnated?. If required I can support you with this

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